RedCon1 Halo Natural Anabolic

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    • A Natural Anabolic Agent - Increase Protein Synthesis!

      RedCon1 Halo Natural Anabolic will help you stack on more size and strength, Halo is comprised of Laxogenin, a brassinosteroid (Plant Compound). Laxogenin has been shown to increase protein synthesis by up to 300% making it a great anabolic agent. Laxogenin is not considered a prohormone as it does not interfere with your hormones such as testosterone or estrogen.

      RedCon1 has stacked halo with 100mg of Laxogenin per capsules making it one of the highest dosed available on the market. 

      If you're looking for increased strength, lean muscle mass, and performance, look no further than Redcon1 Halo!

      Stack with RedCon1 Boom Stick for more gains!

    • Serving Size: 1 Capsules
      Servings Per Container: 60

      Amount Per Serving:

      Laxogenin - 100 mg

    • Take 1 Servings up to 3 times daily to increase msucle protein synthesis. Best if taken with a meal.