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      • Chosen1 - Chosen By Destiny!

        Winter is coming.... That means bulking season has arrived! The problem with bulks, whether it's clean or dirty you are destined to gain fat. Unless, you are one of the genetically gifted few that put on NO fat no matter what phase your in. - The Chosen 1s.

        Blackstone Labs has developed the answer for the rest of us. Chosen1 is for the hardcore builderbuilder and elite athlete looking to maximize lean muscle gains without stacking slabs of fat over top. Chosen1 provides a lean, dry muscle mass gain through its unique 3 ester 1-DHEA blend. Try it out on your next bulk to see what it feels like to be a Chosen1!

        Become one of the chosen 1s!

        To maximize result stack with:
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        Blackstone Labs Brutal 4ce
        Blackstone Labs Eradicate

        Don't forget your PCT!
        Blackstone labs PCTV


    • Take 1 Serving (1 Tablet) twice per day. Preferably 8 hours apart. DO NOT exceed 2 tablets daily.